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A neutral wolf. These do not attack and can be tamed.

Wolves are one of the three neutral mobs. They and other Wolves around them become hostile when attacked, showing red eyes, ruffling their fur and growling at the player. If you hold a bone out to them, Wolves can be tamed into pet dogs. Then, a red collar will appear around their neck and they will either sit or follow you. It is possible to change the color of its collar with various dyes, and you can give them names. They can be trained to attack mobs. They will fight hostile wolves with some resistance to you. When hostile, they cannot be tamed, ever. Wolves are also by far the best method for fighting Endermen; they may take serious damage, but they would avoid Creepers. Dogs will follow you everywhere, unless they have been commanded to sit. If you get far enough away, your dog will teleport to you.


  • Experience

Where they live naturally


  • They are the only neutral mob to appear on Peaceful mode.
  • A wolf's collar can be dyed.
  • Puppies will fight enemies, and untamed pups will also go into aggressive mode.
  • Dogs will growl at you and eventually despawn if you hurt them or make them fight other wolves.
  • If a player walks near a wolf that has been tamed by another player, the wolf will growl, but not attack unless hit.
  • Wolves can only fall from a height of 2 blocks. At 3 blocks they will take damage: The more blocks the more damage and risk of death.
  • Wolves whimper when their HP is low, and will hold their tails toward the ground. You can restore your dog's health by feeding it steak, pork chops, chicken, etc.
  • Sitting dogs, if pushed into deep water, will often drown, especially puppies.
  • There are four other tamable mobs, which are Parrots, Ocelots, Horses, and Llamas.


Wild Wolves naturally breed, but to breed them in captivity, you must have two adult tamed wolves. Feed both wolves a type of meat(including rotten flesh!) to put them in love mode, and they will make a puppy. It is recommended to feed your new puppy, as wolves are born with almost no health.