Minecraft PC Wiki
Important Information
Full name Water
ID 8
Type Natural
Blast Resistance Unspecified
Naturally Spawning Yes
Primary Tool Unmineable
Minimum tool level Unmineable
Drops None
Luminosity 0
Reaction to redstone Inert
Affected by gravity Yes

This stream of water originated as a source block in a cave.

Water is one of the two fluid blocks in Minecraft. The other is Lava. It is found in Lakes, RiversOceans, Ponds, Deep Oceans and underground springs. Water is blue, and, like all fluids, can flow. Water will flow a maximum of 7 blocks from its source. When a source block (source blocks do not have a flowing animation) is right-clicked with a Bucket, it will be collected, forming a Water Bucket. A dispenser with a water bucket can place and pickup the water source right in front of it.


Cobblestone Generators

When Water hits moving Lava, it turns into Cobblestone. This can be used to create an infinite amount of Cobblestone for structures or Monster Eggs. Cobblestone Generators are useful for players

A large pond that generated on top of a river.

without access to a mine. They are commonly used in Skyblock.

TNT Cannons

When a TNT block explodes while in water (or Lava) it causes no structural damage (it still affects entities). This can be uses to launch TNT blocks long distances.


  • Water cannot be placed in The Nether except in Cauldrons. If a Water Bucket is used, all that will happen is a puff of steam.
  • If Ice is melted in the Nether in the Xbox 360 edition, water will appear as normal, but this doesn't occur in the computer edition.
  • It is possible, using the /give command, to obtain a water block that will not spread at all. The ID is 9.

This Air pocket spawned in a Deep Ocean Biome, probably because of a glitch.

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