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Vines are blocks that can be placed on the side or underside of a block and can be used to climb up, like Ladders. They can grow on their own; Bone Meal does not affect this. Vines can only be harvested with Shears. They are the same color as the foliage around them, meaning that in Minecraft they are either bright green or dark green; they only grow in Jungle or Swamp biomes, always hanging down from trees. Be wary, as this can help conceal mobs underneath the tree.


When a player sneaks on a vine, they will remain in place and be unable to descend (ascending still works). This decreases the mining speed even farther than being on a vine does already.


  • Vines, while the player cannot climb them if they are hanging in midair, will still slow the player's descent.
  • Also like Ladders, Vines can save you from a long fall.

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