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It may be hard to figure out how to use all those biomes out there to your advantage. Baffled? Find out how!

Wooded Biomes

Swamps, Forests, Jungles, Taigas and Mega Taiga Biomes are all of great worth to one wanting wooden materials. The first two have Oak trees; the second one also has Birch trees; the third has massive Jungle trees; and the final two have only Spruce. It's very easy to collect a large amount of whatever wood you want here; you can even set up a tree farm!

Snowy Biomes

Feel like getting tons of Snow, either to bombard Blazes and the Ender Dragon, make Snow Golems, or build an igloo? Well, you're in luck: Tundra Biomes and Taigas are there just for that! If you've used up all the snow and don't want to wait for dangerous snowfall, just build a snowball farm. Enjoy!

Rocky Biomes

In Extreme Hills Biomes, many cliff faces are an excellent way to obtain Cobblestone, Coal, and occasionally Iron Ore without digging too deep. Mine to your heart's content, but don't forget to place Torches - mobs don't like you mining!

Mushroomy Biomes

In Mushroom Biomes and Roofed Forest Biomes, Huge Mushrooms grow everywhere and normal Mushrooms dot the ground. Whether you need Mushroom Stew or Fermented Spider Eyes, these biomes make excellent mushroom farms. However, watch out in the latter - shadows provide hiding spots for deadly mobs.

As another opportunity, Swamp Biomes have many Mushrooms growing beneath the trees.