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The End
300px-End Screenshot.png
Important Information
In-game name End
Biome ID 9
Temperature 0.5
Landcover End Stone
Sky Color Black

The End is the third dimension in Minecraft without the use of mods. It appears to be an island floating in the Void. The island is composed entirely of End Stone with 10 Obsidian pillars. The End is the home of Endermen and the Ender Dragon. To beat the game, the player must find an End Portal and slay the Ender Dragon. The only way to exit the end in Vanilla is to slay the dragon and use the portal, or by dying.

Ender Dragon

Killing the ender dragon is usually referred to the main objective of minecraft. After slaying the ender dragon, a different kind of portal will appear around the middle of the island with a dragon egg on top, along with 12,000 experience points. As of 1.9, the death of the ender dragon gives access to the end gateway portals, which upon throwing an ender peal into takes you to the outer end islands.

The Island Itself

The island is composed of enderman-spawning end stone. This makes it easy to farm ender pearls as in the end they are renewable. The moment you spawn on the end, the floor below turns into obsidian. There are several towers in the end, each having a ender crystal on top. In the console edition, two towers have iron bars surrounding the end crystals, making it even harder to defeat the ender dragon.


  • In older versions of minecraft, sometimes stretches of Gravel spawned here, but this has been fixed.
  • When a player enters the end, the 5x5 obsidian platform they spawn on can be either inside the opisland or to the side of it.

End-Only Blocks, Mobs, and Items

  • End Stone
  • End stone bricks
  • Ender Dragon
  • Dragon Egg
  • Ender Crystal
  • Shulker (in Update 1.9)

Items, Blocks, and Mobs that appear in the End