Minecraft PC Wiki
Important Information
In-game name Swampland
Biome ID 6
Temperature 0.8
Landcover Grass, Water
Sky Color N/A

Swamps are relatively common biomes on Minecraft. They consist of sand and/or grass islands with one or two oak trees growing on them, usually with vines growing on them. The oak trees look almost like spruce because they have much darker leaves. Swamp Biomes often have sheep or pigs living on them. Witch Huts and consequently Witches spawn here as well, while Slimes occupy the area at night, increasing in amounts depending on the moon cycle. It may be difficult to escape from mobs, as there is water linking the islands. Mushrooms often appear under the trees.

Blocks, mobs and items that appear naturally on the surface


  • If a spawner is made here, it's easy to drown mobs to get lots of items.

    A Swamp Biome from the air.

  • This is the main biome where Witch Huts spawn.
  • For some reason, Chickens spawn a lot here, making them a good source of Eggs.
  • These and the rivers almost always found near Desert Biomes are excellent Sugarcane sources.
  • Slimes will spawn in this biome at night, however, most of the time they drown due to not being able to swim. As of 1.5, their spawning is regulated by the phases of the moon.
  • Fire does not spread here; this is probably because it is very marshy and wet.
  • These are the only biomes with two main landcover blocks: grass and sand.

    The change in water color shows where a Swamp Biome ends and another body of water begins.

  • Blue Orchids are the only flowers that spawn here, despite it being grassy.
  • Huge Mushrooms may spawn here in Bedrock Edition.