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How To Craft Sugar.

How to craft a Fermented Spider Eye.

Sugar is one of the powders on Minecraft, created in a 1:1 ratio from one Sugar Cane. It is white and has two uses. The first is in crafting dessert items such as Cake and Pumpkin Pie. However, it can also be used in Brewing.

In Brewing

When brewed, Sugar will make a Potion of Swiftness. This is probably because sugar is known to make some people hyperactive. Sugar, when combined with a Brown Mushroom and Spider Eye, will create a Fermented Spider Eye.

How to obtain


  • Cookies are the only dessert item not crafted with Sugar.
  • Sugar being used for Potions of Swiftness is probably because sugar is known to make people hyperactive and excited.
Brewing Ingredients
Basic Nether Wart
Positive Blaze PowderSugarPufferfishGolden CarrotGhast TearMagma CreamGlistering MelonRabbit's Foot
Negative Spider EyeFermented Spider Eye
Modifiers RedstoneGlowstoneGunpowderFermented Spider Eye

Raw Materials
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