Minecraft PC Wiki
Health Points 16
Drops Spider Eye, String
Spawn Light levels 7 and below


Spiders are one of the four basic mobs in Minecraft. They are the smallest of the four. Spiders are one block tall, two blocks wide, and half a block tall, making them smaller than all adult mobs except Cave Spiders, Bats and Silverfish. Spiders drop Spider Eyes and/or String when killed. They can also climb on vertical surfaces. This is why it's handy to have a house with overhangs, which cause Spiders to fall off. Ceilings are imperative! String is sometimes found around houses with overhangs because of the Spiders falling off. Keep in mind that they can only climb 3 blocks high. Very rarely, they will spawn as a Spider Jockey. Spiders are neutral in light levels above 9, so not all spiders seen want to kill the player. Note that, like most neutral mobs, they will attack the player if attacked first in daylight. Note that they can fit through 1 block high gaps as long as the width of the gap is 2 blocks. However, cave spiders can fit through 1 by 1 gaps.

Where they live naturally

  • At night
  • After night
  • Dark places
  • Dungeons (spawner, 25% chance)


Spiders appear to be quite intelligent. They display calculated attacks, such as ambushes from atop a roof. They also utilize their vision as a dangerous weapon: no hiding behind a wall with these guys! Spiders are most likely predators; they don't attack just to kill, unlike Zombies,Skeletons, and Creepers would.



  • It is possible to keep batting the spider back before it attacks you, causing no harm to you.
  • Spiders are neutral in daylight, but aggressive when the light level is less than seven.
  • They have no loyalty to their own kind when neutral, unlike Zombie Pigmen.
  • Jeb thought that Spiders should be able to climb up walls.
  • Spiders do not spawn in groups.
  • Bug: Spiders have two drops: String and Spider Eyes. The former may be obtained any time a spider dies. However, the latter requires a player to strike the killing blow. There is a bug dealing with this, however.

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