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Snow (Tile)
Grassy Snow.png
Important Information
Full name Snow (Tile)
ID 78:0
Type Misc
Blast Resistance Unspecified
Naturally Spawning Unspecified
Primary Tool Shovel
Minimum tool level Wood
Drops Snowball
Luminosity 0
Reaction to redstone Inert
Affected by gravity No

Snow tiles appear in snowfall, which occurs in Cold Taiga, Tundra, and Ice Plains Spikes Biomes. When broken with a Shovel, it drops 1 Snowball. Snow covers can also be crafted with 3 Snow blocks, which makes six covers. Snow melts in sufficient light (unless the light is from the Sun in a biome where snow naturally generates).


When a Grass, Mycelium, Podzol or Dirt block is covered by snow, it does not affect the spreading of grass. Farmland can be covered with snow, but not through snowfall; the player must place it. This does not turn farmland back to dirt, nor does it protect the farmland from being trampled. 


Snow covers can be placed on top of each other. Eight snow covers stacked on top of one another make one snow block.


  • Snow covers can appear on transparent blocks, such as Leaves.
  • Unlike in Bedrock Edition, Snow Tiles are not gravity-affected.

Some glitched floating snow in an Extreme Hills Biome.

A patch of Snow generated at a high elevation in an Extreme Hills Biome.

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