Slimes are a green, semi-transparent hostile mob. They are extremely rare, as they only spawn in certain areas in level 40 or below. Slimes come in large, medium, and tiny sizes, similar to Magma Cubes. Slimes cannot jump out of water, and will drown if the water is deep enough. Tiny Slimes will drown if the water is more than half a block deep.



  • Below level 40 in certain chunks
  • In Swamp Biomes (not on new moon)


  • In default Superflat worlds, Slimes can spawn anywhere due to the world being only three levels above the bedrock layer.
  • Before Beta 1.5 Slimes were neutral.
  • Slimes were the fifth mob added to Minecraft.
  • When there is a group of slimes in one area, they will all jump at the same time and in the same direction.
  • A Slime's health is calculated with this formula: size squared. (i.e. Large Slime (size 4) has 16 health)
  • Hacked Slime sizes can be added onto the game. 
  • The only place where Slimes can spawn above level 40 is in Swamp Biomes, where their spawning is regulated by the moon.
  • Players often try to find Slimes and compete with how many they find.
  • Tiny Slimes, since they follow players and cannot hurt them, are often kept as pets until they despawn.
  • Slimes and Magma Cubes are the only mobs with particles.
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