Health Points 20
Attack Strength Easy: 1
Medium: 2
Hard: 4
Drops Bone
Spawn LL<7
First Appearance Classic 0.24_02
Network ID 51
Savegame ID Skeleton
Experience Points 5


  • A Skeleton in full gold armor.
  • A Skeleton with a gold helmet.
  • A Skeleton with an enchanted bow.
  • A Skeleton that spawned in place of a Wither Skeleton.
  • A Skeleton in a cave.
  • A Skeleton.
  • Three Skeletons in a Ravine.
Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 11.38.38 AM

This Skeleton spawned in place of a Wither Skeleton in a Nether Fortress.

are one of the four main hostile mobs in Minecraft, along with SpidersCreepers, and Zombies. They spawn in dark places and carry a bow, which they use to shoot at the player if they come within 10 blocks of the skeleton. Skeletons will run into shade when daylight comes, but will burn if in the sunlight. They drop 0-2 Bones, 0-2 Arrows and rarely a Bow when killed, making it very rewarding to kill them, especially for archers. Unfortunately, the bows dropped usually have very low durability, but are very rarely sometimes enchanted. Skeletons, being smarter than Zombies, will run into shade or water in the daytime when they start burning. This makes it dangerous to build a house in a Forest Biome or other shaded biome. Multiple skeletons are very dangerous to lightly equipped players.

Where they live naturally

  • At night
  • Dark places
  • Dungeons (spawner, 25% chance)
  • In the Nether (Rarely)


  • Bones 1-2 75% percent chance drop
  • Arrows - 1-2 75% percent chance drop
  • Bow 1-1 25% percent chance drop


  • If a Skeleton hits and kills a Creeper without the creeper killing the skeleton, the Creeper will drop a music disc.
  • Skeletons begin strafing at long range because of their longe range weapon.
  • If a Skeleton is spawned in the Nether, it has an 80% chance of being a Wither Skeleton. If a Wither Skeleton is spawned naturally, it may be a Skeleton as well.
  • Skeletons have gold armor on more commonly than any other armor type.
  • On Halloween, Skeletons may spawn with a Pumpkin on their head.
  • The achievement "Sniper duel" can be obtained by killing a skeleton from long range with a bow.
  • In Minecraft Pocket Edition, skeletons can be seen aiming when the player is in range.
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