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This is about the item obtained with a Fishing Rod. For the unimplemented mob, see Fish. For the cooked food, see Cooked Fish. For a list of things named Fish, see Disambiguation/Fish.


Fish are a food item in Minecraft. They are currently drops, namely from Guardians, but can be obtained by Fishing in water with a Fishing Rod. Like all meat, they come in two types: Raw and Cooked. There were Fish mobs planned for the Halloween Update, but there wasn't enough time to add those.

Raw Fish

Raw Fish is not very nourishing, but it can't cause food poisoning like Raw Chicken can. It is the easiest form of Fish to obtain. Raw Fish is the only form of Fish that can be used to tame Ocelots. View the video on the Ocelots page to learn more.

How to obtain

  • Fish in water
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