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Pumpkin Pie is a very nourishing (restoring Foodbaricon.pngFoodbaricon.pngFoodbaricon.pngFoodbaricon.png) but not very saturating, food item in Minecraft. It is designed to be eaten to restore a badly drained hunger meter before eating something a bit more filling. Pumpkin Pie is an excellent food to eat while running quickly, as it can restore lots of hunger points and can be crafted in the player's inventory while travelling; it is shapeless and requires only Sugar, a Pumpkin, and an Egg. All of these can be easily obtained in most biomes.


  • Pumpkin Pie is the only dessert item that does not require Wheat.
  • It is also the only dessert item that has a shapeless recipe.
  • Even when freshly crafted, it appears to have a slice taken out of it.
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