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This article is about the poisonous, rarely found potato. For the normal version, see Potato. For the cooked version, see Baked Potato.

Poisonous Potato.png

Poisonous Potatoes are semi-rare items introduced along with the potato. They restore twice as much hunger as the Potato (which isn't much), but, sadly, have a 60% chance to poison eaters. However, only two hearts will be lost (less if a player has less than two).

Poisonous Potatoes cannot be either cooked or planted.

How to obtain

  • Harvest Potatoes (2% chance)
  • Kill a zombie(Rare drop)


  • Real potatoes that have green spots on them are, yes, poisonous. Potatoes are members of the nightshade family, similarly to tomatoes.
  • Poisonous Potatoes can be used as a trap, by naming it "Potato" in a anvil. A lot of the time that will not work because of the Poisonous Potatoes greenish look.
  • The Poisonous Potato is 1 pixel longer than the Potato or Baked Potato.
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