Pigs are one of Minecraft's passive mobs. They are pink, and turn into Zombie Pigmen when struck by lightning (extremely rare). Pigs drop Raw Porkchops when killed unless burned by fire where they will drop Cooked Porkchops . They are usually the first mob a new Minecraft player sees due to the fact of their high spawn rates. Due to the player's inexperience at this point, the pig may cause a nasty scare. Pigs are extremely common and drop 0-3 Raw Porkchops when killed by any player. They may be mounted with a Saddle and ridden. You can control where it goes with a Carrot on a Stick. If a pig with a saddle is killed, the saddle is dropped as well. They can be bred with Carrots. However, in Pocket Edition, they can be bred with Potatoes and Beetroots as well.
Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.32.34 AM

A group of Pigs in an Extreme Hills+ Biome


Where they live naturally

  • Grassy biomes
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