Minecraft Nether Wart farm

A Nether Wart farm.

Nether Wart

Nether Wart Stages

Nether Wart is the base ingredient of all potions except the Potion of Weakness, which is brewed with a Fermented Spider Eye and a Water Bottle. When brewed into a Water Bottle, Nether Wart makes an Awkward Potion, the potion from which all others (excluding the Potion of Weakness) may be brewed.

Farming Nether Wart

Nether Wart only grows on Soul Sand. It is found on this block when in Nether Fortresses. While growing, it goes through 4 stages, though the middle two result in no visible change. When Nether Wart is ready to be harvested, it is large with bulbous ends, like the left-most plant in the photo above. Jumping on the Nether Wart does not uproot it, unlike with Overworld plants. Light levels and water don't affect its growth either. The Soul Sand does not need to be tilled with a Hoe to plant Nether Wart. Breaking a fully matured Nether Wart yields multiple in return, which can then be planted or used in potion brewing.

Nether Wart/Seeds in breeding

Many players use seeds from breaking grass and harvesting wheat, but it can also be used to breed chickens.

Brewing Ingredients
Basic Nether Wart
Positive Blaze PowderSugarPufferfishGolden CarrotGhast TearMagma CreamGlistering MelonRabbit's Foot
Negative Spider EyeFermented Spider Eye
Modifiers RedstoneGlowstoneGunpowderFermented Spider Eye
Technical Blocks
Liquids WaterLava
Redstone Piston ExtensionRedstone WireRedstone Torch (Off)Redstone Lamp (On)Redstone Repeater (On)Redstone Comparator (On)
Plants Nether Wart (Growing)Potato (Growing)Carrot (Growing)Wheat (Growing)
Misc FireEnd Portal (Block)Nether Portal (Block)Locked Chest