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A Nether Brick.

Nether Bricks are obtained from the smelting of Netherrack and are used to craft Nether Brick Blocks. They were added in the Redstone Update to make the gathering of Nether Brick easier; players no longer had to go to a dangerous Nether Fortress to collect some. It is the Nether counterpart of Bricks.


Four Nether Bricks put in a square makes one Nether Brick Block.

Nether Brick Block Crafting Recipe

Raw Materials
Base Blaze RodCharcoalClay (Item)CoalCocoa BeanDiamondEggEmeraldFlintGlowstone DustGold NuggetGunpowderInk SacLapis LazuliLeatherNether QuartzNether StarPrismarine CrystalPrismarine ShardRabbit's FootRabbit HideSeedsStringSugar Cane
Crafted Bone MealBookBowlBrick (Item)CharcoalDyeGold IngotNether Brick (Item)StickSugarWheat