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Important Information
Full name Lava
ID 10
Type Natural
Blast Resistance Unspecified
Naturally Spawning Yes
Primary Tool Unmineable
Minimum tool level Unmineable
Drops None
Luminosity 15
Reaction to redstone Inert
Affected by gravity Yes

Lava is a liquid block that burns the player and many mobs that come in contact with it, forcing the player to seek out a form of Water to extinguish it. In peaceful, Lava is one of the main causes of death. Lava deals five HP of damage per second when in contact with it. Lava can be collected using Buckets. The deeper the player is into the lava the more damage it deals. Many items that come in contact with Lava will burn and be destroyed. Lava gives off a very large amount of light. In The Nether, it flows as water does in the Overworld but much more violent, seven blocks in whatever direction they are flowing in. In the Overworld, it will travel three blocks in any direction. Lava flows much slower than Water. However, in the Nether (probably due to the heat) it flows faster than in the Overworld.

Natural Occurrences

Lava appears underground in the form of lava pools. They rarely appear in the Overworld, but when they do they are in the form of pools. In most NPC Villages, small amounts of lava appear in Blacksmith shops. In The Nether, lava appears in vast oceans that are much more common than the water oceans of the Overworld.


Lava is a very useful fuel, and can smelt up to one hundred items. Since the Adventure Update, players can now retrieve the bucket that they used to hold the lava.


  • Magma Cubes are often found in Nether lava, since they cannot jump out.

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