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Important Information
In-game name Jungle
Biome ID 21
Temperature 0.95
Landcover Grass
Sky Color N/A

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This solitary Melon generated in a Jungle Biome.

Jungles are uncommon Biome in Minecraft. They consist of massive trees so thick that it is actually quite rare to see the jungle floor. The trees drop Jungle Wood when mined. These biomes are home to Ocelots and Parrots. It is quite rare to see a Jungle Temple here, but they do exist. Sometimes, large bodies of water will spawn in Jungle Biomes. Rivers often separate these biomes from others. Jungle Biomes will sometimes have patches of Melons, similar to Pumpkin patches, spawn in them. As of snapshot 13w47b Jungle Biomes spawn always next to Jungle Edge biomes and more rarely Jungle M biomes.


  • Before 13w36a (1.7) a Desert Temple will sometimes spawn inside of Jungle Biome. This no longer happens because of the biome placement change, Desert and jungle biomes dont spawn next to eachother meaning without the use of downgrading the game, you would never see a Desert Temple inside of a Jungle Biome.
  • Sometimes, the player will encounter massive clear-cut swathes of flat stone called a basin.
  • If you are creating a world with Bonus Chests on, if you spawn here there is a chance that the bonus chest will not appear because its spawn is drowned out by all the trees.
  • If you have an extremely slow computer, entering a Jungle Biome might crash the game due to the fact of the high-rendering of Jungle Biomes (Jungle M biomes are even worse).
  • Jungle Temples are more rare to spawn then any other generated structure in the game (apart from Witch Huts).