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This article is about the transparent frozen water block. For the solid, slightly cloudy block added in 1.7, see Packed Ice.

Ice is an interesting block in Minecraft. It appears where Water source blocks are frozen, which can


only occur in Ice Plains Spikes and Tundras. Ice can only be harvested with a Silk Touch Pickaxe. If Silk Touch is not used, a Water source block will appear in the place of the Ice. Ice will also melt in high light levels (not counting the sun). As such, if a player wants a structure made of Ice, they must illuminate it with Redstone Torches.


  • Melting Ice in the Nether in the Xbox edition will produce a Water source block as normal. This is the only way to get Water in the Nether, aside from Cauldrons.

    A small pond at high altitude that is half frozen over.

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