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Glowstone Dust
Glowstone Dust.png
Important Information
In-game name Glowstone Dust
Item ID 348
Type Raw Materials
Stackable Yes (64)

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Glowstone Dust, also known as Lightstone Dust or Glowstone Powder, is an item obtained from Glowstone. If Glowstone is mined by anything, it will drop 1-4 Glowstone Dust; the amount of Glowstone Dust obtained can be increased with Fortune. Four Glowstone Dust can be put in a square to craft 1 Glowstone.


When brewed into any potion, it will increase the potion's level by 1. The maximum level for most potions is II; some, like the Potion of Fire Resistance, remain at I.


  • Four Glowstone Dust arranged in a square will make Glowstone. 
  • When combined with gunpowder and a dye of the crafter's choice, Glowstone Dust makes a sparkling-crackling effect in fireworks. This is accompanied with a crackling sound.

How to obtain

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