Ghast Tear
Minecraft Blocks & Items Ghast Tear

Minecraft Blocks & Items Ghast Tear

A video detailing Ghast Tears.

The Ghast Tear is a hard-to-obtain item on Minecraft. It is dropped by the Ghast mob upon death. Ghasts are only found in The Nether. Ghast Tears are, thankfully, very common drops, though they may be lost if the Ghast is killed while flying over an inaccessible area, fire, or lava, as they will burn or be impossible to reach without great difficulty.


Name Ghast Tear
Brewing? Yes
Crafting? No
Smelting? No
Stackable? Yes (64)
Color? White/Black Outline
Dropped By? Ghasts

How to obtain

  • Kill a Ghast
Brewing Ingredients
Basic Nether Wart
Positive Blaze PowderSugarPufferfishGolden CarrotGhast TearMagma CreamGlistering MelonRabbit's Foot
Negative Spider EyeFermented Spider Eye
Modifiers RedstoneGlowstoneGunpowderFermented Spider Eye