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A Ghast. Note the "tears" near its eyes.

This Ghast floats high in the Nether sky above a Nether Fortress.

These two Ghasts patrol the Nether sky.

The Ghast is a large jellyfish-like hostile mob that lives in The Nether. The sound of a Ghast firing is the complete opposite of the sight of Diamond Ore. Ghasts, the largest non-boss mob, are a white cloud with several short white tentacles hanging down. They are known as "floating baby heads" by some players because of the whimpering and giggling noises they make and the screech they produce when injured. Ghasts shoot explosive fireballs when they see a player. They can catch on fire, but will not burn, like all Nether mobs. Ghasts sounds are from c418's cat.

Fighting Ghasts

Due to the fact that they are airborne most of the time, the swords are next to useless. But, when it fires a fireball, you can counter it back by clicking the mouse on it when the fireball is near to the player. Therefore, it's best to use the bow to deplete their health and dodge their explosive fireballs. They also spawn in large numbers, so you'll have to be quick on your feet. Ghasts, however, do not chase you. They also are not particularly likely to move away. This doesn't matter much, as they can spot and shoot at you from 100 blocks away, giving them the largest range of any mob. Important: If you hear an elosheeni! sound, get out of the way. This means the Ghast has just launched a fireball. Ghasts that fire fireballs are aimed just above the player's head, have a blast radius of one, and can cause fires. If a fireball hits a player from point-blank range in hard mode, it deals 8.5 hearts of damage.



  • Fire resistant
  • Shoot explosive projectiles


Ghasts appear to be rather inconsequential, sad ghosts. This is referenced by their name and the fact that they live in the underworld. They are mean, however, and seem to think of the player as a pointless annoyance that isn't worth chasing, as they will not actually chase the player, but simply fire when in range. They may cry to make others pity them or actually out of sadness.

Where they live naturally


  • The sound of a Ghast firing is heard late in the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as an inconsequential noise. It is unknown if this was used by Notch for the Ghast's sound.
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