Minecraft Blocks & Items Fermented Spider Eye

Minecraft Blocks & Items Fermented Spider Eye

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Fermented Spider Eye

A Fermented Spider Eye.

The Fermented Spider Eye is a brewing item on Minecraft. It is crafted from one Spider Eye, one Brown Mushroom, and Sugar. The Fermented Spider Eye cannot be eaten. It is used to make Potions of Weakness when brewed into Water Bottles and can be used to make regular potions become negative ones.
Potion +Fermented Spider Eye
Regeneration Weakness
Swiftness Slowness
Fire Resistance Slowness
Poison Harming
Healing Harming
Night Vision Invisibility
Strength Weakness


  • The only positive potion to not be changed is the Invisibility potion. This is possibly because Splash Potions of Invisibility can be very bad (i.e. invisible Creeper).
  • The only negative potion that Fermented Spider Eyes can change is the Potion of Poison.
  • Although they are one of the most useful potion ingredients, Witches cannot drop them.
Brewing Ingredients
Basic Nether Wart
Positive Blaze PowderSugarPufferfishGolden CarrotGhast TearMagma CreamGlistering MelonRabbit's Foot
Negative Spider EyeFermented Spider Eye
Modifiers RedstoneGlowstoneGunpowderFermented Spider Eye