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Extreme Hills+ Biome
Important Information
In-game name Extreme Hills
Biome ID 34
Temperature 0.2
Landcover Stone/Grass
Sky Color N/A

An Extreme Hills+ Biome.

Extreme Hills+ is a biome, ID 34, with a temperature of 0.2. It was introduced in the 1.7.2 patch.


Extreme Hills+ is distinctly different from the existing Extreme Hills in that it is usually higher (with y values going over 147) and it can grow scattered Oak trees as well as Spruce. It is often snow-covered at higher elevations due to its temperature rating.

Spawns and Hazards

As a typical grassy biome, Extreme Hills+ can support most farm animals as well as all nighttime mobs. It has no unique mobs.

Players may choose to note that, as a very high biome by nature, fall damage is commonplace when handling the crags of this biome recklessly. In addition, it may be hard to flee from mobs except on the flat areas, which are often easy for Zombies to traverse.