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Health Points 40
Attack Strength Easy: 4
Medium: 7
Hard: 10
Drops Ender Pearl
Spawn LL<7
First Appearance Beta 1.8
Network ID 58
Savegame ID Enderman
Experience Points 5

[view][talk] Endermen, though they are neutral mobs, are one of the most dangerous in the game, should they be aggravated. Their abilities to teleport and pick up blocks coupled with their quick temper make them by far the most dangerous neutral mob. Unlike Zombie Pigmen and Wolves, which require being attacked to be aggravated, Endermen become hostile if the player looks at the Enderman's face. Then, their mouth opens and they begin teleporting around random places. This mob is incredibly difficult to farm as they usually teleport away. They can, however, only teleport 32 blocks in the x and z coordinates. They will take damage in water and rain, which can aid the player; if they are harmed by any kind of water, they will instantly lose any aggression and teleport away. Like most overworld mobs, they are also susceptible to lava and/or fire.

Fighting Endermen

It is advised to not fight Endermen in the first place, though their Ender Pearls are necessary for beating the game. When they do appear, strike while they're recovering from the teleporting. Wolves are one of the best methods for fighting them, but this can get messy. The only sure way of defeating them with minimum damage is a 3x3 two-high roof to stand under, or one of many Enderman Farms. Standing in water is also advised, as Endermen take damage in water, but will often move into it to attack the player, and will then teleport. They continue to be damaged after leaving the water, similar to fire damage. Wearing a pumpkin on your head also prevents Endermen from becoming hostile when you look at them, but will limit your FOV (field of vision) when fighting them.


  • Light levels of 7 or below, in 3 block high spaces
  • The End

Enderman holding a Grass block.

An Angered Enderman.


  • Ender Pearls


  • Even though they're neutral, Endermen don't spawn on Peaceful.
  • Endermen do not turn hostile towards the player in direct sunlight even if the player stares at one.
  • It was rumored that the Mojang team was planning to remove Endermen in a 1.3 update, although they never did.
  • They were not given a dimension until 1.3.2, namely the End.
  • Endermen's eyes were green when they are released, and Eyes of Ender are green. It is possible that Ender Pearls are dead Enderman eyes.
  • Although Ender Pearls teleport the player in the same fashion an Enderman can, Endermen don't need to throw anything to teleport.
  • If you put a pumpkin on your head and look at an Enderman, the enderman will not get angry at you and try to attack.
  • Enderman noises are actually distorted from people saying "hi", "hello", and "what's up."
  • Endermen are based off Slenderman.
  • If an Enderman is in a Minecart, it can't teleport.
  • An Enderman carrying a grass block.

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