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Emerald Ore is a rare ore in Minecraft due to its single-biome and single-vein spawning mechanics. It drops 1 Emerald when mined with an Iron Pickaxe or higher (1-4 if the Fortune enchantment is used). Emerald Ore only occurs in Extreme Hills or Extreme Hills Edge biomes. This is one way to obtain Emeralds; the other, easier, way is to trade with Villagers, as mining is not very productive in all but the largest caverns. Unlike most ores, Emerald Ore almost always appears in veins of one block. It is the supposed counterpart of Ruby Ore, which is currently not in the game.

How to obtain

  • Mine with an Iron or Diamond enchanted with Silk Touch to get the Ore, not the item, emerald.
  • Can be found naturally spawned in the world within the Y Level coordinate of 0 - 32

    This lone block of Emerald Ore spawned deep in Extreme Hills caves.


  • Emerald Ore, Ruby Ore, Nether Quartz Ore, and Lapis Lazuli Ore are the only ores that do not have the default ore texture.

    Emerald Ore usually spawns in very small veins.

  • It was planned to be called Ruby Ore, but it was changed to Emerald due to Dinnerbone's colorblindness.
  • It usually spawns in veins of one, however sometimes it can spawn in veins of two or three.

    Emerald Ore is quite rare, even in large caves or Ravines. The torch was placed by the photographer.

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