Important Information
In-game name Desert
Biome ID 2
Temperature 2.0
Landcover Sand
Sky Color N/A
Deserts are a relatively common biome in Minecraft. They are covered with Sand, with Sandstone and Stone making up the lower layers. Cacti and Dead Bushes spawn here very often, making them mildly hazardous at times due to the former. Desert Biomes are often very wide. Sometimes, a Village made of sandstone will spawn in a Desert Biome. Desert Temples sometimes spawn here as well, making it the best biome for treasure hunters, along with Jungle Biomes. Desert Biomes will melt Snow Golems, like Jungle Biomes, Savanna Biomes, and Mesa Biomes. They are good places to build a house, as the player can see mobs coming from far away. Watch out for Endermen, though, as the open spaces present a larger opportunity to
Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 3.52.43 PM

This Desert Biome is split from a Savanna Biome by a River.

accidentally look at them. The lack of wood also presents a problem; a tree farm may be rejected to the rather un-aesthetic sickly yellow-green color foliage takes here. A structure called a Desert Well can spawn here. It consists of Sandstone and is very similar to the Village well, only it spawns randomly in deserts (1/1000 chance per chunk) and is a bit smaller. Sometimes two desert wells spawn with a Desert Temple in between. This biome is similar to the Savanna Biome, except with Sand, Sandstone, and desert villages.



  • Although Desert Biomes are large, the player can not dehydrate in the game. Notch was planning on adding thirst, but said it would make sprinting too expensive.
  • It does not rain in Desert Biomes; however, mobs still spawn during rain in other biomes.
  • It is easy to spot caves here; when close to the surface, they appear as large spots where sand has fallen in. When mining, look out for sand falling on your head, as it can suffocate you.