Health Points 20
Attitude to player Hostile
Attack Strength 49 (uncharged)
97 (charged)
Drops Gunpowder
Music Disc
Creeper Head
Spawn LL<7
First Appearance 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST
Network ID 50
Savegame ID Creeper
Experience Points 5

[view][talk] Creepers are arguably the most dangerous of the common four hostile mobs (The others are Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders), and are also arguably the most famous (or infamous). They employ a very dangerous suicidal attack that may, at best, destroy terrain, and at the worst, kill the player and leave a gaping hole in their home. They remain hostile all day, do not burn in sunlight, chase the player, and explode violently when near. They are a medium sized green mottled mob, with four feet that propel it at a medium speed. Beware of Creepers until you have long distance weaponry! When struck by lightning, a Creeper will gain a sparky visual effect and have a much larger explosion radius. This is called their Charged state. Due to the explosions they tend to create, players often use them for tricks. If tapped and held on by Flint and Steel, Creepers will ignite. This is intended. Creepers run away from ocelots and cats, the only use for the mob. They are very stealthy, making no noises except a light padding, and the ominous hissing they make when about to explode.

File:Minecraft - Clever Creepers - Gameplay


  • Although Creepers can explode, they will not damage the player on touch, unlike many mobs.
    Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.17.57 AM

    These two Creepers spawned in a Ravine.

  • Creepers used move to the right of a player before exploding.
  • If they are above the player, they will drop on them and then explode.
  • Creepers are the second most silent mob in the game (after Ocelots), with only a slight stepping sound and the warning hiss. This makes it ironic that they drop Music Discs.
  • If killed by a Skeleton's arrow, a Creeper will drop a random Music Disc.
  • Four or more Creepers is called a cataclysm. 
  • Creepers may be damaged if they are in the way of an Iron Golem or if they attack one.
  • Creepers explode when farther away on Hard Mode.
  • Creepers are actually based on a failed pig model.
  • When asked to describe the texture of a Creeper, Notch said he imagined they would feel "crunchy, like dry leaves".
  • When being attacked by multiple creepers, it is possible to make one blow up and kill or damage the other ones in the process, as creepers don't run away when other creepers are about to explode.
  • The damage done by creepers can be disabled using the doMobGriefing game rule.
  • Inside a Creeper
  • A charged creeper
  • Another charged creeper.
  • A sight to scare the most experienced player.
  • Many, many, Creepers.
  • A Creeper amongst its porcine kindred.
  • The failed model of a pig.


Where they live naturally

  • At night
  • Dark places
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