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Data Values Hex: 357
Stackability Positive
Type Food Item

Cookies were the second dessert item added to Minecraft. They are made with two Wheat and one Cocoa Bean, both of which are renewable and can be obtained as soon as the player enters a Jungle Biome (Cocoa Beans can be found on trees in the Jungle Biome, whereas wheat can be obtained in any biome with Tall Grass). Cookies restore 1 Hunger Point each, which allows the player to keep their hunger bar full and at healing point without wasting food. However, they have very low saturation, making harder-to-obtain Melons slightly better.

How to craft (8) cookies


  • They allow you to keep within healing level without wasting food, as they are very inexpensive to make
  • They're semi-renewable and easily farmable
  • They can be made in large batches; 8 Cocoa Beans and 16 Wheat
  • Cookies were the first food able to stacked

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