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Cooked Salmon
Cooked Salmon.png
Important Information
Other names N/A
Type Food
Version introduced 1.7
ID 350:1
Source Catch and cook a salmon
Max stack size 64

This article is about the very beneficial meat obtained in 1.7. For the poisonous brewing fish, see Pufferfish. For the not very nutritional fish, see Clownfish. For the normal fish, see Fish (Item).

Cooked Salmon is a food item that was introduced in 1.7. It restores the same amount of Hunger as normal Fish does. Like all fish, it can be obtained by fishing in Water with a Fishing Rod. There is a cooked and a raw version of this fish.

Cooked Salmon

Cooked Salmon restores 3 Hunger points. It is the cooked form of Raw Salmon.

How to obtain

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