Cold Taiga
Important Information
In-game name Cold Taiga
Biome ID 30
Temperature 0.0
Landcover Snow, Grass
Sky Color N/A

The Cold Taiga is a very rare type of biome. They have a thin covering of snow and are much like tundra biomes in topography, but have densely packed spruce trees instead of sparse oak trees. Taiga biomes can be hard to live in due to the fact that mobs can creep up on you through the trees and that snow may cover ores and other important resources.

Above-ground blocks, mobs, and items

Snowless Taiga

A new type of Taiga was introduced in 1.7: the Snowless Taiga. This one will not have Snow. The old Taiga has been renamed Cold Taiga and no longer exists except through a glitch. See the Snowless Taiga Biome page for more.
300px-Taiga snowless

The Snowless Taiga.


  • Taigas are much like spruce forests covered in snow.