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A Coal Ore Block

Coal Ore is the most common and arguably the most essential ore in Minecraft, seen in all of the biomes. It is almost essential for a starting player to make Torches to light dark areas at night and smelting items. The only other way to get torches is by burnin g Wood in a furance, but this isdisencouraged for new players, as it requires alot of wood. Coal Ore appears to be a stone block with black ore chunks in it. It can occur in veins of up to 40 blocks. When mined, it drops one item of pure Coal. It can be found exposed on the surface or just underground.

How to obtain

  • Mine with a Wooden Pickaxe or higher enchanted with Silk Touch for the ore, not the item,Coal.


A medium-sized vein of Coal Ore exposed on a basin.

  • Coal also serves as fuel for Furnaces.
  • You gain a small amount of experience from mining Coal.
  • When you find Coal,you could find a cluster around the piece of Coal.

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