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This article is about the block. For the item it drops when mined, see Clay (Item).

Clay is a block in Minecraft that occurs in bodies of water, mostly oceans and sometimes in Rivers. It is light blue-

A Clay block. Note the lack of markings on it.

gray and has few specks or other markings in it; this is because its texture is a retexture of Sand. When Clay is mined, except when with a Silk Touch tool, it drops four Clay balls, four of which can be used to craft the Clay block back. This allows Clay to be used as a storage block, albeit not as well as, for example, a Block of Emerald

Rarity before Beta 1.7

Before Beta 1.7, the "Piston Update," Clay only generated where the x and z coordinates on a map were the same, thus severely limiting it. This was a bug and was fixed, thankfully. This gave rise to the expression "That'sss sssome niccce clay you've got there. It would be a ssshame if sssomething happened to it..." signifying a Creeper's threat. This was because Diamonds, which originally were the "precious item" in the saying, were actually more common than Clay for a time.

A typical "starburst" of Clay that generated underwater in a Roofed Forest Biome.