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Buttons are types of switches in Minecraft, like Levers and Pressure Plates. When pressed (right-click) or, in the case of wooden buttons, activated with an entity (a shot Arrow in this case), they will emit a Redstone signal for about 1/4 second (1 tick), then become inactive again (the exception is if an entity is holding them down). Like Pressure Plates, there are two types, Wood and Stone. While they both emit the same signal, there are some differences between the two. As of 1.8, Buttons can go on any surface, like Levers.

Wooden Button

This button is activated by any entity becoming stuck in it or being pressed. In this case, the only entity that can

A Wooden Button.

activate a Button is a shot Arrow. This makes wooden buttons vulnerable to stray Skeleton shots, but, as they require no smelting or any type of pickaxe, they are cheaper than stone buttons.

Stone Button

Stone Buttons cannot be activated by arrow shots, meaning that stray Skeletons can't leave your door wide open.

A Stone Button.

However, they are a bit more expensive, as they require a Furnace to smelt Cobblestone.


  • Although there are weighted pressure plates, there are not weighted buttons. Imagine the amount of arrows needed to activate those!
  • Many players find that the length of time buttons open doors for is far too short, as the door closes before they can get through.
  • As of 1.8, buttons can be placed on ceilings or floors.

How To Craft a Wooden Button


To craft a Stone Button put 2 stone blocks on top of each other in a crafting table. To craft a Wooden Button place a wooden plank in a crafting table/crafting grid.

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