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Block of Iron
Block of Iron.png
Important Information
Full name Block of Iron
ID 42
Type Misc
Blast Resistance Unspecified
Naturally Spawning Unspecified
Primary Tool Pickaxe
Minimum tool level Stone
Drops Block of Iron
Luminosity 0
Reaction to redstone Inert
Affected by gravity No

The Block of Iron is a mineral block made in the standard fashion from 9 Iron Ingots.


It has two uses: as a storage block or in Beacons. In the latter, it is the cheapest and therefore the best in Survival Mode. Iron Blocks are also useful for storing large amounts of iron in a small amount of space.,


Iron Blocks can only be obtained by Crafting them out of 9 Iron Ingots.


  • Blocks of Iron are often used to create a "science lab" feel. 

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