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This article is about the storage and aesthetic block. For the ore, see Diamond Ore. For the gem, see Diamonds.

Block of Diamond
Block of Diamond.png
Important Information
Full name Block of Diamond
ID 57
Type Misc
Blast Resistance Unspecified
Naturally Spawning No
Primary Tool Pickaxe
Minimum tool level Iron
Drops Block of Diamond
Luminosity 0
Reaction to redstone Inert
Affected by gravity No

The Block of Diamond is arguably the most revered and hard-to-obtain mineral block in Minecraft. It is crafted, like all mineral blocks, from 9 of its base material, in this case Diamonds. The Diamond Block serves mostly as an aesthetic storage block, but it also can form the Beacon pyramid. However, due to its rarity, Blocks of Iron (or even Blocks of Gold) are

A Diamond Block.

quite a bit cheaper.


  • One Block of Diamond is enough to craft all of the diamond tools, excluding the Hoe.


The pyramid required to activate a Beacon Pyramid can be made partially or entirely out of diamond blocks.

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