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The Beacon Pyramid is arguably the most costly structure in all of Minecraft. It requires a Nether Star, three Obsidian, five Glass (in for the form of a Beacon) and a minimum of nine Blocks of Iron/Blocks of Gold/Blocks of Emerald/Blocks of Diamond/Blocks of Netherite. This, however, has a very helpful effect: It will give all players status boosts if they come within its range, which depends on the pyramid's size.


Beacons require a square number of the aforementioned blocks, the largest amount being 81. Here is a table to understand this:

Number of Blocks Total Blocks Range of Boost in Blocks New Boosts Available
9 (3x3) 9 20 Speed, Haste
25 (5x5) 34 30 Jump Boost, Resistance
49 (7x7) 83 (1x64 + 19) 40 Strength
81 (9x9) 164 (2x64 + 36) 50 Regeneration II

180px-Beacon Pyramid Arangements 12w32a.png