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Important Information
Full name Beacon
ID 138
Type Misc
Blast Resistance 15
Naturally Spawning Unspecified
Primary Tool Unknown
Minimum tool level Unknown
Drops Itself
Luminosity 15
Reaction to redstone
Affected by gravity
This article is about the block. For the structure built with it, see Beacon Pyramid.

The Beacon is very useful but very expensive block in Minecraft. Their primary ingredient is a Nether Star, dropped by the Wither boss. That's not all: Beacons need to be placed on a pyramid of Block of Iron, Block of Gold, Block of Diamond, Block of Emerald, or Block of Netherite to activate. When powered, Beacons must be given the base ingredient of one of the usable blocks to activate (Netherite Ingot, Emerald, Diamond, Gold Ingot, Iron Ingot). Then, an effect can be chosen based on the size of the Beacon that will be given to all players in the vicinity. These effects include higher jumping, speed, regeneration, strength, and such forth.


  • The Beacon is created with 1 Nether Star, 3 Obsidian and 5 Glass.


  • In the Pretty Scary Update flyer, Beacon was described as "No, not bacon! A cool beam to pimp your castle with!" This is because players have long wanted bacon in Minecraft, although Cooked Porkchops are already a bit like bacon. 
  • The achievement Beaconator is obtained only by creating a full Beacon, with four levels. However, the player does not need to give it an item to start the effect.
  • When you are too far away from a beacon,you won't get the effects.

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