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This article is about the cooked form of the potato. For the raw version, see Potato. For the rare, poisonous version, see Poisonous Potato.

Baked Potato.png

The Baked Potato is obtained when a normal Potato is cooked in a Furnace. It restores 3 hunger points and much more saturation than either of its variants, the Potato and Poisonous Potato. The Baked Potato has slightly better saturation than Bread and an equal value of saturation to Cooked Chicken. Cooked Chicken is renewable (and can be obtained from Villagers), but baked potatoes are hard to get and easy to farm. It's really a choice of the player which one to use. Baked Potatoes cannot be planted. Like the Potato and Poisonous Potato, they were introduced in the Pretty Scary Update.

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