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Important Information
In-game name Mesa
Biome ID 37
Temperature 2
Landcover Hardened Clay, Red Sand, Stained Clay
Sky Color N/A

Mesas were added in the Update 1.7.2. They are made mostly of Hardened Clay and Stained Clay of varying colors (see below). They appear to be rather barren and rare, with only Dead Bushes and the occasional patch of gray-brown Trees. Occasional valleys filled with Red Sand and Cacti will appear but this is less common.

Bryce Canyon Mesa

300px-Bryce Canyon.png
Important Information
In-game name Bryce Canyon
Biome ID 165
Temperature 2
Landcover Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, Red Sand
Sky Color N/A

Bryce Canyon is a subtype of Mesa Biome, designed after the real-life Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA. It features a flatland covered in gigantic hardened clay spikes.

Blocks Present:

These are the blocks that can be found:

  • Hardened Clay
  • Red Hardened Clay
  • Yellow Stained Clay
  • Brown Stained Clay
  • Orange Stained Clay
  • White Stained Clay
  • Light Gray Stained Clay
  • Dead Bush
  • Red Sand
  • Cactus


  • These are referred to as Disco Mountains sometimes (as a joke).
  • Before they were officially implemented into an update, Mesa biomes had an extreme bug where the mesa biome would not generate the stained clay when the biome is spawned in a world.
  • Gold Ore and Abandoned Mineshafts can generate in Mesa Biomes at any level.