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Learn more about Axes through 652Graystripe's tool spotlight!

The five types of Axes.

The Axe is a handy tool to have, although not mandatory. It is used to chop wood-related blocks, such as Chests, Crafting Tables, and Wood much faster than with another tool or the hand of a player. Axes do .5 less damage than a Sword of their type, and attacking with an Axe does double the durability deduction; therefore, Axes should not be used for fighting except as a last-ditch resort - or if you're willing to spend more tool-making material and Sticks than a sword for less damage and less durability.

Note that Axes are not mandatory and are only used for their increased speed in chopping wood-related blocks.


The crafting recipe(s) for an axe.


  • The Netherite Axe is the only golden tool that does more than 5 hearts of damage. 

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