Important Information
Full name Air
ID 0
Type Block, Unobtainable
Blast Resistance N/A
Naturally Spawning Unspecified
Primary Tool N/A (cannot be broken)
Minimum tool level N/A
Drops N/A
Reaction to redstone
Affected by gravity

Air is the most common block in Minecraft. It is necessary to not take suffocation damage. When out of air (only when in water), several bubbles appear near the player's health bar. When they are depleted completely, the player will begin taking damage. Sand, Gravel, and Water can all cause suffocation, although Lava cannot. Air fills any space without blocks in it.


  • Though Stone and Dirt are often considered the most common block, Air is actually the most common.
  • Although there is a countdown before a player starts suffocating in water, sand and gravel cause suffocation immediately.
  • Sand and Gravel is one of the reasons people say it is a bad idea to dig straight up, because it can fall on you and suffocate you.
  • This is the only block which cannot be obtained via commands or the creative inventory.